• Rachael Yahne

10 Questions To Bring You Back Into Self-Awareness

The desire to become your 'best self' and reach your 'highest potential' is as buzz-worthy as it is ambiguous, as trendy as it is indefinable. While self-help heroes take over Instagram feeds and are self-publishing their ideas, and I'm as hooked as the next gal on finding the secret to being who I am...and making loads of money...and being happy... And this is very good news for a culture in multitudes of turmoil, because bringing about social change starts with personal change. World peace, after all, starts with personal peace and grows outward from the soul of one to that of many.

I believe that one of the most valuable pieces of self help advice I have ever come across is this: We're always working toward something, even when we don't always realize it. Motion is our constant state, even as I sit eating heaps of chocolate bars on the couch, seemingly sitting still while hurling around the galaxy on a huge rock that spins around a ball of fire. Even in moments it seems I'm doing nothing, we're heading toward old age, and in the case of my chocolate binge: weight gain. Just as time and evolution and our age and everything in this universe is, we are always moving toward one thing or another. Even denial is working toward something (numbness). Our every move, every thought, every decision and every choice makes an impact on what will or won't come our way