• Rachael Yahne

Using Movement to Clear Negative Energy in Empaths

By the time I walked in my front door at 12:00am, I had accumulated such a level of exhaustion that I was a bit shocked my old, tired feet had made it all the way home at all. Two back-to-back 12 hour days working in DTLA had eclipsed all sense of being a human. (Broke writers around the world know the grind). Too tired to relax, too hungry to eat. For this long work week, my needs, my real life, my life’s purpose at large had been put not on the back burner...but on a different oven entirely. In someone else’s house.

I’d put so much time and energy into making some extra cash (as opposed to creating what I came on earth to create), that my life was not my own anymore. All energy had been all used up and not for my own soul-designated priorities: writing, developing spiritually and personally, or even more simple tasks like shaving my legs just once this week. All that work for extra cash and I was officially spent.