• Rachael Yahne

Morning Routines In Your 30's | Intention & Rituals

Three big yellow pills. And three little green ones. And one white one. It's not that bad, I tell myself, as I gulp down the horse-size vitamins, spirulina tablets, and probiotic. All the youtubers are doing it. Jennifer Aniston's probably doing it right this minute. The hot lemon water burns the back of my throat a little, being the first thing to cut through my sleepy mouth this morning, and the pills slowly march their way down the back of my throat making their trudge known at every centimeter. I can't deny that as I get older, the vim and vigor that used to accompany getting out of bed is no longer with me. The knees that used to practically spring out of bed - even with a hangover from a night out dancing - are replaced by a creaking sound, and sudden jolts of stability lost for no reason at all in those first few steps. I still wear my pubescent retainer from early teen braces, it's just framed in light smile lines now. And now the zing of the lemon water doesn't feel refreshing and enlivening; it feels a bit cruel, a soft punch to the face first thing in the morning. It doesn't seem to do enough for my 'digestive system', the reason I started this whole morning routine.