• Rachael Yahne

Online Resources for Energy Healing After Protesting

“They shot my friend with a rubber bullet in the face,” one friend told me of a protest he’d attended in Los Angeles. “He was bleeding all over the place; they aren’t supposed to shoot above the torso. I think I’m traumatized, to be honest.”

Millions of people around the world risked their safety in order to make their voices heard, a valiant and courageous act of community, equality and a demonstration in the power of human resilience and love. But it didn’t come without risk; as Ellen Pompeo pointed out, protesting for Black Lives Matter meant facing police of the most menacing kind; machine guns, snipers, National Guard officers holding fists of zip ties, and worse.

The work, however, is not done for those of us wanting to change the system and standards of how citizens are treated by police and the legislations that have gotten our country to this point. Protests and rallies continue this week for their second full week in a row, and determined voters are still tasked with making calls, sending emails, and continuing the fight. But in between, when the opportunity does come for us to rest, it’s important to keep our energy and aura fueled, giving it time to recuperate so as to go out in faith day after day. To help, this small list of online resources for at-home energy healing is a small start if you’re looking for help learning to meditate through these troubling times, or want a way to cleanse your energy field after a long day of marching. With tensions running high and risk of safety even higher, my hope is that these quick, easily accessible resources will help anyone out there feeling the need to rejuvenate their spirit.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but simply a quick guide to helpful resources.

NOTE: if you have additional websites, resources, or books/links you’d like added to this list, please email rachaelafter@gmail.com. Please try to choose resources that highlight or support POC content creators, educators, healers and artists.

Meditation apps

Calm https://www.calm.com/ Headspace Siberian Breath Insight Timer Sattva Inscape

Online Yoga Classes

20-Minute Goddess Ritual Heart Opening Yoga Flow Yoga Flow for Black Lives Matter | Self Care so you can Care for others| Beginner Friendly Bedtime Yoga with Mel Douglas of the Black Women’s Yoga Collective Jessamyn Stanley’s 8-Minute Yoga for Self-Love | Health Calming Kemetic Yoga Sequence (Beginner) Healing Yoga for Trauma 1 Hour Chakra Yin Yoga for Emotional Healing Movement Medicine — Calming Practice — Yoga With Adriene Yoga For Stress & Anxiety Relief | Blissful Yin Yoga Experience Yoga for Panic Attacks and High Anxiety

Healing Bath Guides

What Is A Spiritual Bath — And Why You Should Try One 3 Spiritual Baths to Purify Your Aura Refinery29's Best Spiritual Cleansing Bath Salt Essential Oil Recipe 3 Simple Baths for Spiritual Cleansing

Energy Healing, Reiki and Online Energy Healing Guides

Cleveland Clinic Self-Healing Guide India Times Guide to Energy Healing GOOP’s Reiki Guide MindBodyGreen’s Ultimate Guide to Energy Healing MindValley Self Healing in 5 Minutes

Online Sound baths for headphones

Calming Sound Bath for the Heart 30 Minute Healing Sound Bath Pineal Gland Healing Sound Bath Calming Crystal Singing Bowls

Poetry Books by Women of Color

The World Will Follow Joy — Alice Walker The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde The Sun and Her Flowers — Rupi Kaur Brown Girl Dreaming — Jacqueline Woodson The Complete Poetry — Maya Angelou Salt. Nayyirah Waheed

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