• Rachael Yahne

Summer in LA | Letting Go Of What You Don't Need

"I wouldn't call what I just did 'sleep'" I tell my boyfriend, using the thin layer of always-present sweat to lubricate rubbing my tired morning eyes. He prepares the morning's coffee in our individual french presses, and I see him scoop an extra hit of grounds into my pot upon hearing my complaint. I'm relieved to see him do it, even as the thought of drinking something hot repulses me a little.

This is not the sultry sweet California summer of most people's dreams. This is two thirty-somethings who've resorted to schleping the mattress onto our living room where the AC is the strongest, the view of Southern California mountains where I know the air is cooler and crisper laugh at us all night long. Too many nights awake sweating more than sleeping have exhausted me all the more. No, this is as far a cry as you can get from a sticky-hot summer youth, and more of a rude awakening - literally and metaphorically - when not enough sleep isn't something you can brag about anymore. I can't think in this heat. I can't write. And yet I don't have the time to not write, and sacrifice the day's productivity to lounge by the pool. Does anyone actually have time for those pool-filled summers you see on socials? Are those giant inflatable flamingos even comfortab