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I'm a writer, blogger, essayist, and sometimes speaker based in Los Angeles.

My work has been featured in both print and online internationally in publications like Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, and The Seattle Times.

Here you'll find personal essays, posts and articles on wellness, womanhood and much more. Feel free to reach out and share your story in the CONTACT form below; I'd love to hear from you.

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All things are collaborations - the mind and it's thoughts, music and the feet that dance to it, art & it's artist. But what does it really mean to collaborate?

Boy did I feel for the poor girl. I say ‘girl’ because it wasn’t the strong woman in her making a personal decision. It was the little girl in her anticipating trouble and desperately avoiding disappr...

Heartbreak is never easy. And if we could leave it in the dust behind us, we would. Instead, it's important to transform it, channel it into other areas of life, and grow through it.

The stage was dark, only a few dozen seats lined up and half filled in the blackness, while Jane prepared herself to take the stage. Sweetly, light-heartedly she came out to the lights blasted and tol...

There’s a crucial step in personal growth, the space between decision and result, a small but crucial phase that doesn’t get enough air time or attention. That little path one must walk between decidi...

We all set them: those big life goals we are certain we'll accomplish by 25, 30, 40...but what happens when we don't? And how can we cope?

Learning to overcome the feeling of being unworthy or undeserving of the dream job you're going after, and nailing that first interview.

Raul Herrera walked onto the stage humbly, taking the one step up onto the lit platform amid the claps, clicks, shouts of some strangers, some friends, some wine, some whisky. And just as this spoken...

How I came to eat bacon and champagne every single day and not feel one bit guilty about it...Find your vice and let it be the small celebration of your pain.

I always find it a little ironic - a little pathetically hilarious - just how resistant to change we can all be to change, despite that change is the only constant in life. Even now, we're changin...

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